Only a trained physician may perform a confidential evaluation to determine if your medical condition qualifies under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, and if medicinal cannabis would be an effective form of treatment. This process begins with a visit to our office, where if you qualify, our doctor will make a recommendation for a medical marijuana card, and our staff will walk you through all the paperwork required by the state of Arizona for you to receive your card quickly. The Green Cross Patient Center was created with one simple goal in mind: to take the hassle and confusion of becoming part of the patient registry, so that patients can put their focus where it should be, on their health & wellness.

We will direct you in completing all the necessary steps to obtain your Arizona Medical Marijuana ID card, and file all documents with the State of Arizona Department of Health for you at no additional cost. We are happy to provide this service, because we care about people.

Schedule an Appointment
We understand that your specific medical condition may add difficulty in a number of ways. For your convenience, we will work with you in whatever way works best. You can set your own appointment online if that is most comfortable, or by phone, and if you you can stop by if you prefer to communicate in person. Our qualified staff will answer any questions you may have about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program or the certification process. We’re here to help.

Medical Records
The Arizona Medical Marijuana Program requires current (within the past year) and verifiable medical records for your condition(s).  You may contact your doctor’s office at any time before your appointment. When you contact your doctor, please make sure that you request only the documented records of your condition(s), not your entire medical history. If  you have any questions about requesting  your medical records from your doctor we will be happy to help.

Your Appointment
Your visit will begin with an introduction to our patient services coordinator, and standard medical history forms will be completed. If you have questions or need help with this part of the visit, we will be there to assist you. Once all necessary forms have been completed, we will sit down and review with you and answer any questions you may have before your exam. Next we will make copies of your medical records and valid state identification.

Doctor’s Exam
A physician that specializes in Medical Cannabis will speak to you in detail about your medical condition that may qualify you for the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, and then perform a non-invasive examination (no needles, we promise). By law, our physicians must only discuss your qualification for the program and not other medical conditions. After the exam, our doctor will review all information in order to determine eligibility status and if medicinal cannabis would be an effective form of treatment. After review, you will receive a signed Physician Certification Form if approved as a qualified patient. It’s that simple.

Health and Wellness for all Arizonans

Apply to the AZ Department of Health Services
Before leaving the clinic the day of your appointment, we will make sure that all information has been collected that will allow you to apply to the state for your Medical Marijuana Identification Card. We will submit your application for you along with all necessary document copies required.


164 Responses to AZ MMJ Program Certification process outlined

  1. […] Currently, qualified patients and their caregivers may grow up to 12 plants per patient. Arizona has so far licensed nearly 2,700 people to cultivate. Once the distribution centers mandated by the initiative are established, only patients who live more than 25 miles from a dispensary will be permitted to grow their own medicine. Qualified patients from out-of-state are permitted to possess and use cannabis, though they will not be allowed to purchase it in Arizona dispensaries, once they are licensed. […]

    • Andy heltzel says:

      I have glaucoma n bad insamnia. I’ve got a card already I need help w getting my medical insurance to cover some of the costs how do I do that?

      • admin says:

        Glaucoma IS a qualifying condition for this program. Notes from any eye exam you’ve had this year, or chart notes from an appointment you’ve had with your primary care physician should be all you need to document this, and would be covered already by most insurance plans.

        The Arizona Medical Marijuana Program is an optional program, only for those qualified, and cannot be paid for through any insurance plan.

    • Kara says:

      I’m 13 but I have severe anxiety and PTSD diagnosied by my psychologist. Can my mom come in and can I get a card? I’d rather do marijuana because its more natural and ive read it helps with anxiety and ptsd

      • admin says:

        Hi, Kara
        PTSD is a qualifying condition in Arizona, but not anxiety. You’d need to have clear treatment notes from the past year that show you are receiving treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    • Elijah says:

      i just had ACL reconstruction surgery ever since then i had uncomfortable pains and have a had time falling asleep would this qualify me for a medical card

    • Elijah says:

      i just had ACL reconstruction surgery ever since then i been having uncomfortable pain. do to this pains i have a hard time sleeping even though i work late into the night would this qualify me for a medical marijuana card?

    • Luis says:

      I fell off the roof while putting some lights up in December. Ever since my wrist looks normal but I get this daily pain when I twist my wrist. I’ve taken Otc medication like Advil and equate but I get side effects . Will I be able to apply for the mmj program.

      • admin says:

        Yes, you will just need to get a copy of the chart notes from an appointment with your doctor, that explain this.

        • jazmyn says:

          I have severe anxiety and depression. I also suffer from migraines and just take ibuprofen or advil and have no dr records of them. I also suffer from ADHD and have experienced traumatic situations that may cause PTSD. Do I qualify?

          • admin says:

            Migraine headaches can qualify you for your medical marijuana card. Just as your doctor’s office for a copy of the chart notes from your last appointment where it shows treatment for migraines within the past year.

  2. sean devore says:

    what if you had a card in Oregon but moved to California and never got one there . because it is cali and its everywhere but now im in AZ and need a card

  3. Rosaine says:

    Hey, this is a GREAT post!! God bless you all!!! And thank’s for sharing this!!! (From Brazil)

  4. Glenn Tranter says:

    I have had SPINE surgery 5 years ago,Replace some of my spine and had tumors remove. I have all the X Rays and Dr Reports/ and have tried so many Pills the Dr recommend and still in pain I am mostly confine to Bed 18 hrs a day/ I do not have pain when I am in bed/ Please advise if I qualify for MJ
    thanks for any help in this matter/

    • admin says:

      Yes Glen, you have a qualifying condition. What you would need to do is to make an appointment with us, where you would bring your medical paperwork for our doctor to review with you and talk about your condition(s). We will take care of the rest for you and submit your application to the Dept of Health Services, for them to mail your card.

      You can schedule your own appointment online, or call us at 480-420-6582 to schedule.

      Hope to talk to you soon,
      Green Cross

  5. tina says:

    I wanted to know if I have the qualifying conditions to get mj card. I got in a car accident in may. I wasnt the driver and my air bag didnt go off I broke some ribs and now going to the chiropractor because my neck and back are messed up The chiropractor said I have first stage of arthritis and I also have two extra bones in my bank n neck. I have pinched nerves and muscle spasms. please let me know asap thanks.

  6. Mike. says:

    as harsh as this sounds two yrs ago i got stabbed on my side right near my ribs..ever since then ive been getting sharp pains.. was wondering if this would be a qualifying condition. before i applyied..thx for your time!

    • admin says:

      Mike, if you have specific information about your condition you’d like to discuss privately, give us a call. Without seeing the paperwork or knowing a little more it is hard to give you a direct answer, but chronic pain at the site of a past injury, (stab wound in this case) would be a qualifying condition.

  7. Nancy says:

    How extensive does the medical history need to be to qualify? I only saw doctor 2 or 3 times in past 2 years and was wondering if that is enough medical history to qualify.

  8. Darren says:

    My question is, I was referred over by AZ CPC, before Aaron Crowder stepped down, he promised me assistance, financial, in getting my mmj card. Well 3 days later he stepped down and now what am I to do. I talked to the new folks at Az CPC and they had told me to contact you because you could help me. I’m having my pain specialist Dr. fill out the assertation form which is a great help but I need help with my 75 dollar state fee. I am on SNAP so it helps also but for someone waiting for social security SSD and no income donations is all I can ask for at this time. I hope as with what AZ CPC had informed me that you could assist me with this fee. I struggle with chronic low back pain which I am looking at yet another surgery. I don’t want the pills they push anymore and having my mmj card last year helped tremendously. I thank you for any assistance that you can give. Just tired of the run around. Thank you Darren

    • admin says:

      Sorry Darren,
      We do not know the people that you mentioned. I think you may have us confused with another business.

  9. Saundra Hharris says:

    I have had 2 hip replacements, 3 neck surgeries, 2 lower back surgeries. I suffer from chronic pain. I take 30 mg morphine sulfate er twice daily, 15 mg percocet every 4-6 hours as needed, up to 6 pills per day, and 350 mg soma 3 times daily as needed. I also have osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis (which required the hip replacements). I have taken these heavy drugs for a long time, and they dont kill the pain, just make it bearable. Do you think I will qualify? Thanks for any information.

  10. Jason says:

    Hello. I suffered a severe ankle injury about 5 years ago while snowboarding. My podiatrist had me get an MRi on it and said nothing broke just tendons grew thicker. Im in constant pain, especially since i stand at work for 10 hours a day. They made me some custom orthotics but they barley help. Everyday my ankle feels broken. I also suffer from severe anxiety and fear of death. Death is on my mind just about every ten minutes it seems. Its a very horrible mental state to be in all the time. Do I qualify for MMJ? If so I would like to make an appointment.

    • admin says:

      Anxiety and fear are not conditions that would qualify you for Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program, but chronic pain is. It sounds like your ankle may qualify for this program, but without looking at the medical records, it is hard to give a direct answer. If you would like to send over your records first, I can have the doctor review before your appointment and then give you a call or email. Our email is Just include your contact information so that we can get back to you.

  11. Dennise says:

    I see one your page where it says how much it costs to register & get your ID card, but approximately how much does it cost to get the MMJ? How is it dispensed, monthly, weekly? I currently do receive SNAP benefits & am applying for AHCCCS for January, I also have a SSDI hearing in November. Would ACCCSS or Medicaid cover that cost? Currently I am taking Percocet & Morphine for chronic pain, I hate taking such strong medicines. I would be interested in trying the MMJ, however I do have to factor in the cost compared to how much I am paying for my current medications.

    • admin says:

      We do not dispense, nor have any involvement with medications of any sort. We are a certification center. The places where you get your medicine are called dispensaries, and when you become a medical marijuana patient in Arizona, the Department of Health Services, (the agency that prints your card) sends you an email with a list of every single operating dispensary in the state, and even their addresses. Most, if not all have menu with prices online that are frequently updated. Also, the SNAP program is the only discount being offered by DHS. If your EBT card has your name printed on the front, just bring that to your appointment for us to copy for your discount. If no name, you’ll need to bring one of the letters from DES where it shows the names of your household OKd to use the card. Hope that helps clear it up.

  12. EL says:

    I have horrible back pain. So bad I’ve had to find jobs where I can sit most of the day. I however cannot afford to see a doctor or specialist.. Therefore wouldn’t have much in the way of med records from the doctor.. Can you point me in the right direction? Or am I wasting my time? Any info is much appreciated.

    • admin says:

      The back pain is a condition that would qualify you for Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program, but without recent medical records to supports this pain, the doctor cannot review and conduct the certification appointment. There are many chiropractic offices in the valley, and all kinds of special offers on exams.

  13. keith m says:

    I have multiple sclerosis, fybromyalgia… I take the max bacofen (anti spasm) meds allowed by docs and I still have nerve pain. Plus I have a knee injury that docs see is inflamed and sore but can’t figure out whats wrong and basically have given up… Does this qualify me?

    • admin says:

      Yes, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and chronic knee pain are conditions that would qualify you for Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program. Without looking at your medical records, it is hard to give a direct answer as to whether the paperwork you have supports this. If you would like to send over your records first, I can have the doctor review before your appointment and then give you a call or email. Our email is Just include your contact information so that we can get back to you. Or if you’d like to call we’re here to answer other questions you may have.

      • Kathryn L. Weber says:

        I received a 3 page information. Migraines, IBS-D, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Colostomy, and a stroke. I think some of my issues may quality. My next action is? If I understand correctly, I need to have my Doctor send the medical records to your business. I can’t get into my email…would someone from your office call me please?

        My phone number is 623-330-9389

        • admin says:

          The migraine headaches could qualify you for this program. You can either pick up a copy of the progress notes from a recent appointment with your doctor, or have them faxed over to our toll free fax line 866-233-1910. We will try again to phone you.

  14. Annie says:

    What if my records are older than 3 years, MS, Fibromyalgia and seizures all diagnosed from 2006- 2009?

    • admin says:

      You may need to make a followup appointment with your doctor that has diagnosed these conditions. We’ll need to verify that as of 2013 you still have these conditions.

  15. jordon says:

    Yes bout 7 years ago I had Surgery on my right Ankle. Ive had pins and plates put in. Then Surgery Taking back Out. I am now starting to have tremendous amount of pain in my ankle. I have Talked To A family doctor about this issue. He Then directed me into The medical Direction Of getting my medical card. Medical Marijuana Seems To be the only thing to releases the pain and allows me to go on with my days. Can You please direct me in the Next step. and what condition ide qualify for. Im very interested in continuing my search for the Nearest clinic. Mesa Area. Thank You. Great help

    • admin says:

      Yes, the appointment notes from your family doctor that explain the details of your ankle pain would qualify you for this program. We are in the Mesa area, located at 2401 E. Baseline Road, (between Gilbert and Lindsay).

  16. chris says:

    I was wondering I’ve had chronic back pain for the last 3 years from laying over a motorcycle. I wasn’t hospitalized but since my back pain has increased significantly along with having asthma chronic neck back and knee pain would I qualify?

  17. julian says:

    I have no medical records i do not believe in going to doc or taking pills however i drive trucks for living suffer from chronic back pain and marijuana helps take the pain away. How do i go about getting a mmjc without going to hospital or doc for my back pain?

    • admin says:

      The way that this program goes is like this: first you have to be diagnosed with a condition that would qualify you. You don’t have to take any pills that you are offered, or other treatment methods, but our doctor can’t just take your word for it. We need to present paperwork showing the diagnosis of a qualifying condition for review.

  18. Lindsay says:

    Does depression quailify me for medical marijuana?

  19. jay says:

    I have documentation from my VA (veterans Affairs) disability listing multiple conditions that meet requirements for possibly attaining a card. Would this be sufficient enough or do I need to provide actual medical records?

    • admin says:

      Yes, you would need to provide the actual medical records directly from the treating physician at the VA.

  20. ry says:

    I got a referral from my primary doctor for cachexia buts its over a year old and I was dropped by them after 12 years.would I need a new one or will they still honor it?im getting sicker and need a card but not enough money.

    • admin says:

      Yes, cachexia is a qualifying condition and you would need to have current medical records (no more than 12months old) to show that you are being treated for this condition to qualify you.

  21. chris says:

    I have had multiple knee surgeries and still have a lot of pain i also have constant neck and back pains. I also have GERD and a resulting hernia. I was approved in my home state before moving to AZ. Would these still be qualifying conditions here

  22. Gregg says:

    I had a fall down stairs back in 2011, I had the x rays done and it showed multiple bulging discs and muscle spasms. I have the x ray documents and documents from Barrows spine center for treatment. Would I qualify me for a medical marijuana card?

  23. Tiffany says:

    Would I qualify for medical marijuana for ADHD, SEVERE ANXIETY, & PTSD that I have suffered with for 46 years of my life? I have also been to an Urgent Care for muscle spasm pain and have a prescription for that as well that I don’t like to take cause it knocks me out, so I suffer with the pain from that.

    • admin says:

      Hi, Tiffany
      To answer your first question: no. Starting in January of 2015 PTSD will be added to the list of qualifying conditions in Arizona, but at this time the Department of Health Services is still working on the guidelines for documenting this condition.

      Persistent muscle spasms are already a qualifying condition. If your doctor’s notes about the muscle spasms are not more than 12 months old, you may already have the documents you need. If you’d like to send your records ahead of time, you can email them to, or fax them to 1-866-233-1910. Be sure to include your contact information.

  24. kdr says:

    I just moved to Arizona for school all the way from Oklahoma. I have had trouble dealing with anxiety since I was a teenager due to the death of my mother. I always felt I had a good grasp over my anxiety up until I moved out here. I don’t know if it is the new place causing a spike in my anxiety or what but I do not know what to do. I do not want to use prescription drugs like Xanax or anything similar because I have family that has used these types of drugs and it truly changes who you are. Would I qualify as a patient?

  25. Ted says:

    I am a 60 y/o male with two hip replacements as well as several disc protrusions in my low back. My medical care is thru the VA and my Dr is not interested in medical marijuana I have been taking oxycodone 5mg 6 times per day for years. If I can obtain a copy of my medical history from the va and I qualify can my VA doctor be left out of the loop? Also are there any products available to eat rather than smoke?
    Thanks for your help. I live in gilbert Lindsay and Guadalupe

  26. Rosio Briseno says:

    Can I get a MMJ card if I have Bone pain. And have no records of it.

    • admin says:

      Just like everyone else, you’ll have to have medical records that explain your condition, and they need to be less than a year old.

  27. My primary care Doctor referred me to your clinic I need to know how much this card costs and make a appointment for late October early November . Thank you D.Krugen 4807518755 Dr. Stephanie piercy innovatative Primary Care 2915 East Baseline Road,Gilbert AZ 85234 Phone = 480-776-0676 you will have to call for records. please advise Thank You D.Krugen

  28. Merary says:

    I had 10centemiter cyst on my left and right ovary. Had surgery to get them removed after the surgey my dr digonsed me with endometriosis. Due to the constant headach, pain and nauseous my only option to get rid of it is going through lupron depot therapy which its self is very painful and side effects are horrible. Would i qualify ? Rather have my card then go through the therapy.

    • admin says:

      You should qualify, as long as you have clear progress notes from your doctor no more than 12 months old, explaining your condition.

  29. Robert says:

    I broke my knee 6 years and have had pain in it ever since. I also have a lot of pain in my lower back from when I was landscaping. would I be a qualify patient?

    • admin says:

      You should qualify, as long as you have clear progress notes from your primary care physician or chiropractor no more than 12 months old, explaining your condition.

  30. Elvis says:

    I have a question about my condition. I had to go into the emergency room because of heart pains about a month and a half ago. They did alot of tests could not find anything too alarming and decided to diagnose me with anxiety which I know isn’t a qualifying condition but the thing is that it causes me chest pains and muscle spasms. Most of the time it happens at night which keeps me up for a couple hours before i can finally sleep but there are times where it happens during the day. I was wondering if I could even try to get a card to help with the pains and anxiety or is this not enough??

    • admin says:

      Good question.
      It is complicated with a situation like yours. The underlying condition that is causing you pain, muscle spasms and sleeplessness needs to be one of the conditions on the Dept. of Health Services list of qualifying conditions.

  31. CFC says:

    I’m interested in seeing your people but I have a few questions.

    A) How much does a consultation cost out of pocket?

    B) Can I have my GI doctor fax my Crohn’s records to you, or do I have to bring a physical copy with me at the time of appointment?

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can have your doctor fax your records over at any time to 866-233-1910. Please include your contact information and have them sent to your attention to make it easier to sort.

      The fee for the appointment with our Naturopathic Doctor is $150. If our doctor does not think that you’d be a good candidate for Medical Marijuana we will not charge you any fee.

  32. Amanda Nicole says:

    Now I know the qualifications have changed. Few doctors treat anxiety, depression and premenstrual dysphoric disorder with medical marijuana. Do you guys treat patients with mental illness as of now January 2015?

    • admin says:

      No, the only change to the list of qualifying conditions since the beginning of the program, was the addition of PTSD that began in 2015.

  33. Ulises says:

    Hello I have just turned 18 and for years I have been smoking marijuana to cope with the pain from my scoliosis. I refuse to take Ibuprofen or Nyquil anymore the scoliosis wasnt severe enough for surgery but I can’t go a whole school day without severe aches in my lower back. My legs aren’t the same length so the pain is consintrated ob my right. Would I qualify or a medicinal marijuana card?

    • admin says:

      You should qualify, as long as you have clear progress notes from your primary care physician or chiropractor no more than 12 months old, explaining your condition.

  34. Jim FLOR says:

    Does Bipolar Disorder qualify?

  35. Jordan says:

    Do the medical records from the doctor need to be “certified” or can I print my records from an online portal?

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can print your own medical records from your patient portal set up by your doctor’s office.

  36. Todd says:

    When I was younger I was hospitalized with chronic migraines over 8 years ago and still to this day. I never went back because they just prescribed pills that did not work at all. I don’t have the records for that. I also suffer from back spasms and bad knee pain from sports when I was in high school I went to the doctor and again only got pills that didn’t do anything nor do I have the medical records of. Do I qualify and how do I obtain those records?

    • admin says:

      Todd, you don’t have to take any prescription pills that you are offered by a doctor, you just need to have current paperwork that shows the diagnosis of chronic pain & muscle spasms, and some details. You will need to be seen by a doctor that diagnoses you with a qualifying condition before you can qualify for this program.

  37. Stan says:

    How about a drs.diagnosis of rotator cuff syndrome, subsequent, arthroscopic tendon repair surgery, back in 2006, but @ the time, the surgeon told me that he was only able to repair 30% of the torn tendon, that was barely held together by a thread…But, years later, the pain and weakness is always there, depending on frequency, motion, and type of situation, that, I might encounter on a given day…So, with a recent, would that disease or condition qualify me for a mmc?..

  38. jenny says:

    Hello-I am moving to AZ in a few weeks and I am getting my medical records together. My question is this: will a long history of depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety qualify me for a card? My psychiatrist has me on 8 different medications daily, and I bet even Charlie Sheen would find that excessive. Hashtag Courtney love. All jokes aside, I know I need to stay on the antidepressant and the mood stabilizer, but I was fine when I took those two drugs and smoked at night for anxiety. Since taking this cocktail of medications I have become a shell of the person I once was and this is no way to live. At least once a month I have a manic episode, where I don’t sleep more than two hours a night for about 7 nights consecutive. A few of the nights I don’t sleep at all. I have tried this medication path but a different medications, totaling 20 pills per day has taken my quality of life away and I feel like The Walking Dead. I have about three, maybe more years of medical records. Do you think I qualify? I also see a spine doctor for muscle spasms from an accident, but I’ve only seen him twice. Please write back. I want my life back. Jenny

    • admin says:

      Sorry to hear that, Jenny. Unfortunately the only thing that you mentioned about a qualifying condition is that you have uncontrolled muscle spasms due to a spinal injury. That condition may qualify you for this program if you follow up with your doctor to see what their current diagnosis would be now.

  39. Dolores says:

    I’ve recently been with fibromyalgia. Is that a qualifying medical condition

    • admin says:

      Hello, Dolores
      While Fibromyalgia is not listed on the state’s list of qualifying conditions, many patients in Arizona have qualified for this program for this reason. If the chart notes from your doctor explain that your Fibromyalgia is causing severe & chronic pain, our doctor would be likely to agree that you are a good candidate for this program.

  40. Adam Jones says:

    I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 8 years ago. Steroids and and other treatments have not worked. I have chronic abdominal pain from my colitis and have copies of my records over the last year from my GI and my PCP. Would I qualify for a MMJ?

  41. Drew says:

    I’m 61 years old and have had neck and lower back problems since I was 25. I take Alieve and muscle relaxers when I have spasms but I would like something more natural. I went to a chiropractor for years and stopped going. I just suffer through it year after year and gave up on regular doctors and pain pills with bad side effect. Would med marijuana help me. I dont want to be foggy headed. I dont have a long record of going to the Dr. because its the same old stuff with them prescribing pain meds. Can you help me?

    • admin says:

      There are many cannabis products in the dispensaries that are very effective and safe to use for pain and muscle spasms. Topical creams for pain and muscle spasms are preferred by many patients, because they not only work well, but are also natural, free from side effects, and do not have any affect on your mind. There are many knowledgeable people at the state licensed dispensaries that can talk to you specifically about the different cannabis products available.

      It sounds like this program could help you as long as you can provide the chart notes from a doctor that has treated you for this reason within the past year.

      You can call 480-420-6582 or email directly at any time with specific questions.

  42. Brandi says:

    Hi, I have a long question. About the years ago I had a few tests done for my right knee and they couldn’t find anything (as well as my mother wanted to stop testing because she was afraid I’d get hurt) and I’m going to the doc soon again because the pain hasn’t stopped in the three years. My family thinks it may be fibromyalgia or arthritis. So, I’m curious as to whether or not the testing and documentation of the knee pain would be able to be used as medical records or if I need a diagnoses first? (And then wait 12 months)

  43. Brandi says:

    Oh and I’m 19 now, and it was 3 years ago that the testing was done

  44. Anna Hernandez says:

    I no longer receive food stamps cause I found a better job but still have AHCCCS for my kids and self and was wondering now that I don’t get the SNAP benefit anymore do I now have to pay the full price to State?

    • admin says:

      Yes, Anna
      Unfortunately that was the only discount, so you will need to pay the full $150 to the AZ Dept of Health Services for them to print your card this year.

  45. Amanda says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to figure out if i can possibly qualify for medical marijuana, but I’m just a bit unsure. I get major back pain ranging from my upper right shoulder, to that backbone just above my buttocks, though the most pain i experience is from my shoulder and lower back. I also get severe pain in my left foot from constantly being on my feet, but my pain generally doesn’t affect my right foot. Truth be told, I’ve been on and off again smoking non-legal marijuana for years now, and it helps soothe the pain in my back and foot, however, the main reason I’ve been self medicating is because of my inability to sleep properly. I work a variety of hours, from mornings, days, nights, to late nights, and i have trouble relaxing at the end of a shift and going to sleep like i should. This is the main reason i wish to acquire my medical card, so i can purchase edibles, because smoking hurts my lungs. Would i possibly qualify?

    • admin says:

      Hi, Amanda
      Sleep issues are not included in Arizona’s list of qualifying conditions, but severe & chronic pain is. If the chart notes from your doctor explain your pain and verify that you do have a chronic condition, you may be qualified. That’s where you need to start though, asking for appointment notes from a doctor that has treated you within the past year.

  46. brooke brook says:

    i have had chronic pain since my daughter was born nine years ago. I also have Gerd that is painful,at one time i was taking almost 400 mg of oxycotin and oxycodone together. i have gone down to 20mg of oxycodone 6 times a day but that just is not helping. i do not want to smoke it due tomy religious beliefs. is there medical marijuana that can be eaten or pill form? also is it expensive? on paper it looks like we make alot but because if insurance, taxes, hospital bills ect we can not qualify for assistance. Do you have info that will help me and do you think i qualify for medical marijuana, thanks for your help BB

    • admin says:

      Yes, severe & chronic pain is a qualifying condition in AZ, and as long as the chart notes from your doctor (within the past 12 months) explains this you should qualify. You can send records ahead of time by email at or by fax at 866-233-1910.

      There are many cannabis products in the dispensaries that are very effective and safe to use for pain. Topical creams for pain are preferred by many patients, because they not only work well, but are also natural, free from side effects, and do not have any affect on your mind. There are also many, many medicated foods and drinks or capsules of the dried herb or infused coconut oil if you prefer to ingest it in that way. Smoking is not a method that we recommend, as you will not receive the maximum benefits of this vegetable that way. There are many knowledgeable people at the state licensed dispensaries that can talk to you specifically about the different cannabis products available.

  47. Victoria says:


    I just recently got diagnosed ADD, Bipolar, Anxiety and have severe Migraines. All of which have been diagnosed.

    I would only be able to get it for migraines correct? Not the other things?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Yes, migraine Headaches could qualify someone for this program, as they fall under the category of severe and chronic pain. You need to have records no more than 1 year old, to provide our doctor to review. Chart notes from your last visit with your primary care, pain specialist, or neurologist would provide this information.

      Attention Deficit Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety are not qualifying conditions in Arizona.

  48. Savannah says:

    Would severe menstrual cramps be enough to qualify me (since menses is pretty chronic)? MMJ is a much healthier alternative for pain than having to regulate menstrual cycles with forms of contraceptives.

    • admin says:

      If the records from your doctor(no more than 12 months old) describe severe and chronic pain, you could qualify.

  49. Nicole Salas says:

    I’ve had anxiety for quite some time now. My last 2 Drs had me take different medicine and honetly I hate taking daily pills. Do I qualify for my medical card? Marijuana helps so much with my anxiety and my body pain.

  50. Debbie Fagan says:

    I have osteoporosis. It causes pain in my hips when I walk. I have taken Bonita for years but it doesn’t help worth the pain. Does this qualify for medical marijuana and if so what records do I need

    • admin says:

      Hi, Debbie
      If the records from your doctor, (no more than 12 months old) describe your osteoporosis with terms like severe and chronic pain, you could qualify. Probably just the chart notes from your last appointment with your doctor will explain this.

  51. Debbie says:

    I have osteoporosis and it causes pain in my hips. It is difficult to walk. I have taken medicine for this for years Do I qualify for a card. If so what records do I need

  52. Holly Wearne says:

    I was wondering, so I have had this feeling since March that when I urinate it feels like I have a uti. I have gone to the doctor three or four times about this issue. Every time I have been tested for a uti it comes up negotiate. Would it be possible to get a medical card to take away the pain? Everyday it feels like I have a uti and the doctors have found nothing and I have no way to relieve the pain

    • admin says:

      If the records from your doctor, (no more than 12 months old) describe severe and chronic pain, you could qualify.

  53. Joshua says:

    Hello, I’ve had chronic debilitating migraines since birth, as well as debilitating anxiety, depression and bi-polar disorders for the last few years (which causes physical pain), but I am unable to see a traditional medical doctor about these things for a variety of reasons. I would like to be certified for medical marijuana, as it would surely improve my quality of life, but as far as I know, I do not have medical records, nor a way to access them if they existed. No insurance either. I’ve only been to the doctors a couple times in my life and hope to keep it this way, so seeing as how I know I qualify, would a marijuana doctor be able to “diagnose” me upon examination, without prior medical records? If not, what could I do to qualify for certification given these circumstances?

    • admin says:

      There is no way to avoid being diagnosed by a doctor if you are hoping to get your card. If the records from your doctor relating to your migraine headaches (no more than 12 months old) describe severe and chronic pain, you may qualify.

  54. Erika says:

    I have ulcerative colitis. Does that qualify?

  55. Nikki says:

    I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. as well as neck and shoulder pain from a car accident from sept.2015.I have chiropractor documentation as well as medical records for diabetes.would that qualify for a medical Marijuana license??if so can you please link me to where I can go to see a doctor if I qualify.thank you.

  56. dustin says:

    I was diagnosed with testicular cancer back in aug.. I had surgery a week later to remove the tumor, now im under observation… I have constant fear of it coming back and heard mmj helps keep it at bay/ kill cancer cells.. would that be a qualifying condition?

  57. Gabby says:

    I have period cramps and they are painful and chronic but not on my records because i assumed they were normal.I also have GARD which is also severely painful and chronic as well as on my record.Last I do have the herpes virus which leaves painful sores from time to time and is chronic i have been diagnosed but haven’t been to my doctor routinely for that.Because apparently i am just suppsoed to deal with it.Do I qualify at all??

  58. Jerry Brown says:

    I have asthma. I use. Nebulizer with albuterol twice a day.. I take singulair..the advair discus and my rescue inhaler.. since 4 year old.. I have carpoltunnel and high blood pressure. I would like to get all my info from my primary doctor and submit it to you. Or take it in to your location in person. Would I possibly qualify for this card? I’ve been told this would help me breath better. Would this be a route for me to take instead of pills?

  59. Ernest says:

    I’ve had asthma my whole life, could I qualify? Also I’ve been recently going to the doctor for my shoulder I messed up at work a year ago…. How long does. the documented pain have to be before you qualify. I’m more interested in treatment for my asthma, but I know marijuana would also help my shoulder pain so I’m intresed in treating both…

  60. Mark says:

    I have chronic back pain from a gunshot wound to the lower left side of my back about 10 years ago and was wondering if I qualify?
    I don’t like taking opiates because they are so addictive and have seen it ruin the lives of some of my close family and friends.

  61. Jessica says:

    Hi. I’ve had nerve pain for about 6 years now. It’s constant and it feels like there’s a hot poker in my arms 24/7. Would I qualify right off the bat? Or would someone need to examine?

    • admin says:

      Yes, Jessica
      If your doctor’s chart notes say basically what you just summarized, then you should qualify. Many other patients in Arizona have found cannabis products to be safe and effective in relieving painful neuropathy. You just need to ask your primary care physician, or any specialist that you’ve seen this past year to print a copy of your chart notes from your most recent appointment with them. You can email or call us at 480-420-6582 if you have any other questions.

  62. Danielle says:

    Question I’ve struggled with chronic back neckband shoulder pain, I’ve seen chiropractors off and on over the years. I had stopped for a few years trying massage therapy instead but now I am seeing a chiropractor again, how long do I have to see him before they would consider my pain chronic and I would possibly qualify for MMC? Thanks

    • admin says:

      If severe pain has been going on for over a year, it would be considered a chronic condition at this point. If you ask for a copy of the most recent appointment notes from your chiropractor, that would most likely be enough to substantiate your qualifying condition.

  63. Christine says:

    My son is 9 yo and has adhd and chronic constipation. He’s been hospitalized several times for the constipation causing other issues in his abdomen. He’s currently taking methylphenidate & guanfacine (adhd), and Miralax daily. I would much rather he take a non-psychoactive cbd oil. Are either of these conditions qualifying?

    • admin says:

      It doesn’t sound like your son has a condition that would qualify him. The chronic constipation is most likely caused by the medications, not any underlying condition that would exist if he discontinued those drugs. Yes, there are some cbd only oil products available without a card now, and would be worth trying.

  64. Nick says:

    I have been struggling with severe anxiety and depression for the past few years. I’ve recently started seeing someone for theses symptoms as well as other physical ailments like severe nausea and insomnia because of the two. My therapist believes it to be PTSD. Would I qualify for my medical card even though I have not sought out prescription pharmaceuticals? My family has a bad history with them and I would prefer to go this route.

  65. Dick says:

    I am a disabled vet with a documented seizure disorder. However, I have not seen my doc at the VA in some time. Can you advise.

    • admin says:

      We understand that a lot of patients that should qualify, are held up in the process because they are still waiting to be seen by their VA doctor. Although this is completely unfair to you, there is no way around the laws for this program, as it is not a military program. You have to have proof of being treated no more than a year ago, for the condition you are applying to get your card for. Seizure disorder IS a qualifying condition.

  66. Tim says:

    I take a thyroid medication every day for the last several years and I have medical records to support it. Does that condition qualify in Arizona for a medical marijuana card? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      No, just taking thyroid medication does not indicate any condition on the Department of Health Services list of qualifiers.

  67. T says:

    Type 1 diabetis and ptsd do i qualify

    • admin says:

      Yes, PTSD was added to the list of qualifying conditions this past year. You have to show proof of also currently undergoing other treatment for PTSD with your doctor.

  68. lilie says:

    i just recently found out my baby has neroblastoma wich is cancer its a large tumor in her stomach and she is starting chemotherapy but i researched the symptoms and i am concerned does she apply

    • admin says:

      YES, with current notes giving that diagnosis she would absolutely qualify for this program… now the ONLY bad news: in Arizona at this time, for a minor patient to get a medical marijuana card, 2 different doctors need to certify them, and then one parent or guardian has to go through the medical marijuana caregiver process, (which means a $200 card processing fee for this, on top of what the local police department will charge for fingerprinting).

      The good news: read about the successful results cannabis had with other children of all ages. There is now a lot of good information available online. Also on our BLOG page, we have links to the CNN specials hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and other documentaries.

  69. sonny says:

    I have sever ADD does that qualify me

  70. Marie says:

    Does severe depression qualify? I’ve tried prescription pills to help but it just makes it worse. I don’t know what else to try.

  71. Cody Parsons says:

    Im bipolar and have been since birth and just moved to arizona back in April. Do i qualify for a card if i have bipolar on my medical records??

  72. Cait says:

    Hi there,

    I had my card here in AZ years ago but never did renew it. I ended up going to the doctor and taking prescriptions instead. I’m starting to regret I did it and want to find a natural way instead to treat back pain and headaches. I haven’t been seen for back pain recently just headaches which have been diagnosed as tension and migraine headaches.

    I had qualified years ago due to back pain because I was being seen for that mostly. Since I haven’t been seen for back pains recently I’m wondering if the tension and migraine headache records would fall under qualifying conditions.

    Thanks for the help!

    • admin says:

      Yes, records from a doctor that you see, noting tension and migraine headache activity, should qualify you for this program. If you have other questions, or would like to send your records over to have a doctor review, you are welcome to fax them to 866-233-1910 or email

  73. Chris says:

    I’ve been taking 2 different antidepressants one of which is used to treat insomnia. Would I qualify for a card if I wanted to get off the antidepressant that is used for insomnia?

  74. kerstyn says:

    I was just curious if I would qualify considering I am diagnosed with severe Insomnia and Anxiety? I got prescribed a sleep aid and of course have tried melatonin but everything I’ve tried besides Marijuanna either keeps me up or makes me feel weird..?

  75. Mildred Ortiz says:

    Hi, I’ve been dealing with plantar fasciitis over 3 months and went through every otc pain reliever that is sold. To the point where I was unable to get out of bed and walk. I’m a dental assistant and I am on my feet all day, causing me to deal with extreme pain consistently all day. Whereas when it’s time to sleep I am constantly tossing and turning because of the agonizing pain…and unable to sleep. I’ve had to get cortisone shots in both heels, which have not seemed to have worked, and my stomach can’t deal with taking so many pain pills to get rid of the pain, which causes nausea and I don’t eat. I’m only 23 . Can this help????

    • admin says:

      Yes, other patients with plantar fasciitis have found relief with cannabis products in the AZ dispensaries.

  76. Tim says:

    I know that insomnia is not listed as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in az , but are there ever exceptions? I’ve been on every pharmuecitical drug for this Imaginable and have had little success and only temporary success when it does work . The only avenue I haven’t exhausted would be barbiturates and I really don’t want to do that . Even benzodiazepines have had marginal effects on my sleep disorder. I’ve been suffering with this for years and years and suspect marijuana may be a safe alternative to try… Is there anything I can do?

    • admin says:

      No, I’m sorry, there are no exceptions to the rules of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program. If you have one of the qualifying conditions on the list, you would be able to also purchase cannabis products with your card, that would help your insomnia.

  77. RYAN BROWN says:

    I have Adult ADHD, always impulsive, can’t remeber anything depression plays a roll too with it, is Adult ADHD a qualifier

  78. Zach says:

    If my doctor will not give me physical copies of my medical records can I have them sent to you via fax?

    • admin says:

      Absolutely! If your doctor would prefer to fax your appointment notes, our toll free fax # is 866-233-1910.

  79. Cadi says:

    I have bipolar II, insomnia, anxiety, and major depression.
    Does any of that fall under the Arizona’s qualifications? It feels impossible to use any medication but marijuana because of the side effects from said medications. They say you can only get the medical card by having something wrong with him/herself physically- never mentally.

  80. Paige says:

    I’m 18 and just moved back to Arizona from Pittsburgh. I have chronic migraines, severe menstrtal cramps, and a severe sleep issue. I had seen doctors about all of these problems in Pittsburgh so I have medical records on each problem. Does any of this qualify me to get a card?

    • admin says:

      Yes, severe and chronic pain due to migraine headaches and severe menstrual cramps would be a qualifying condition. If the progress notes from your doctor are within the past 12 months, you should have no problem getting your card.

  81. Bella says:

    Could I qualify for a MMJ card?

    I’m 17 years old, I recently moved to Arizona from Washington. I’ve been prescribed amphetamine dextroamphetamine for more than 4 years now to treat my ADHD diagnosed by my docter. Im not much of a fan of the side effects of addedal. I get headaches,nausea,loss of appetite, weight loss and insomnia. I’m looking to find a healthier treatment to my ADHD.

    • admin says:

      ADHD is not a qualifying condition in Arizona. Severe nausea or severe headache activity can qualify you. However, If your doctor says that your headaches and nausea are not ongoing conditions of their own but rather side effects of ADHD, you would not qualify.
      Also, as a minor patient it is much more difficult to get certification. 2 doctors must agree to certify you, after reviewing sufficient records to support a chronic qualifying condition. On top of that, one parent or guardian must do a background check with the local police department and apply for a caregiver card.

  82. Karen says:

    Hello. I am currently on disability for chronic daily migraines. I also suffer from fibromyalgia, IBS, high anxiety and Interstitial cystitis. I am also allergic to NSAIDs and anti-seizure medications significantly reduce my eyesight. Would I need eligible and if so would I need to bring my disability paperwork and my neurologist’s records or my general practitioner’s records.

    • admin says:

      Karen, since you have more than one condition that would qualify you for the medical marijuana program, you could either bring the notes from your last appointment with your general practitioner OR last appointment with your neurologist, (whichever office is more convenient).

  83. Lance says:

    I have ADHD severe depression, sleep apnea anxiety. Does any of my symptoms qualify me for this program?

    • admin says:

      No, unfortunately none of the conditions that you named are covered by the medical marijuana program.

  84. Derrick Mihalek says:

    I’ve recently been having a very hard time sleeping and when I do fall asleep I wake up in a couple hours and suffer from that throughout the days. I take Melatonin some nights but that doesn’t help much. I’ll even take benadryl right before bed and it never seems to get me asleep. I feel tired all the time and none of the typical medications my mom has work for me. I’m 15 and I was wondering if this can qualify for a medical marijuana identification card?

    • Derrick Mihalek says:

      I also have bad ADHD and I take medication for it that works but the side effects are killing me. I’ve heard that marijuana helps people with ADHD but I don’t know if that qualifies either.

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately insomnia is not a qualifying condition in Arizona.

  85. Derrick Mihalek says:

    I have bad insomnia most medications my parents have for me do not work for. Is insomnia a qualifying condition?

    • admin says:

      No, insomnia is not a qualifying condition in Arizona.

      • Derrick Mihalek says:

        Thank you admin. Do you think that marijuana will soon be legal everywhere? There’s really no reason for it to be illegal.