A chemical imbalance in the brain is the hypotheses used to explain the cause of various types  of “mental illness.” What is alarming is that there is no scientific proof that a chemical imbalance even exists. Why are we administering brain altering drugs when we  have no proof or any scientific data revealing the direct cause of “mental illness”. We know very little about what we call “mental illness,” in fact we almost know nothing about it. So what is going on here? Do these drugs really help? Why are other options and alternative treatments never mentioned? Why are we changing ones brain chemistry with harmful drugs that have multiple side effects ? Even if chemicals imbalances can be seen in certain ways,we should not label this as the cause of the said mental disorder. Rather, we must look at the cause of the chemical imbalance itself, and look at the factors that influence the chemical activity in our brain, like our environment.

It’s quite ironic actually, because the only imbalances we know of in the brains of people called mental patients are the ones inflicted on them by the psychiatric drugs. How ironic, we make a false claim that they have biochemical imbalances and then we give them biochemical imbalances –  Peter R. Breggin, MD

Does the health of a “mentally ill” person really change when administered these drugs? Prescription drugs kill over 100,000 people each year, are you being medicated incorrectly?

Generation RX is a documentary by a world renowned producer Kevin P. Miller. In the film he examines the rise in psychiatric diagnoses among children and teens. The film includes a number of experts, doctors, and researchers that are internationally respected in the fields of medicine, ethics, journalism and academia. He emphasizes that a lack of ethics goes hand in hand with psychiatric drugs that are prescribed to millions worldwide, yet have never been proven safe and effective for the very conditions they are purported to treat.

He also uncovers a pattern of collusion between drug manufacturers and the FDA, who literally hide evidence about the detrimental effects psychiatric drugs can have on a person.

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