Arizona has one of the most up-to-date and tightly regulated Medical Marijuana Programs in the country. The state has learned from the “Wild-West” MMJ states like California & Colorado, and designed a very efficient and tightly regulated industry for “ganjapreneurs” to compete in. Having these strict guidelines to abide by works in favor of both parties. It allows the state to more tightly regulate inventory levels and ensure that no excess marijuana is hitting the black market, while also protecting those who venture into the industry by having strict and clear guidelines in which to operate.

When I first read through proposition 203 passed by Arizona voters in 2010 (final revised laws came into effect in April of 2011) I was very pleased to see the state of Arizona recognized concentrates as a beneficial and routine part of marijuana manufacturing. However, the Attorney for Maricopa County has ruled that concentrates of marijuana, such as hash/tinctures/oils, etc. are NOT covered by the AMMA and thus subject to criminal penalties. This interpretation is absurd and completely contradicts the language in the AMMA, which states “Usable marijuana means the dried flowers of the cannabis plant, and ANY mixture or preparation thereof”. This contradicting statement gave a lot of Arizona individuals a false sense of security and left them with the choice of either abandoning all types of concentrates or providing these substances to patients with the chance of being prosecuted.

What the state doesn’t realize is that the effects of marijuana do NOT exponentially increase with concentrated THC levels. (For example, a concentrate that tests 60% THC does NOT get you 4 times as high as a bud that tests 15% THC) For the state to be limiting access to these kinds of concentrates it is hurting those patients that really need the marijuana for medicinal purposes. You cannot smoke enough marijuana to obtain the large benefit that cannabis can provide so these concentrates allow individuals to consume highly medicated doses of marijuana all at once to receive the miracle medicinal properties of the cannabinoid. According to the Journal of Clinical Investigation (published by Spain, France & Italy), cannabinoids effectively target and kill cancerous cells, they do not affect healthy, normal cells and may actually protect them against cellular death. Moreover, cannabinoids are also researched for their pain-modulation and anti-inflammatory abilities as they bind to special receptors in the brain, much like opioid derivatives that are commonly prescribed today.

Recently, famous marijuana comedy icon Tommy Chong has announced that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer! The 74 year old has been treating his diagnosis with extracted hemp oil and continues to improve each and every day! Tommy Chong also noted that he does NOT smoke marijuana anymore due to health reasons, but relies on these extracted cannabis methods to get through daily pain and uncomfortable situations. According to the American Cancer Society, cannabis has been approved by the US Food & Drug Administration to relieve symptoms of nausea and vomiting, and to help restore the appetite in individuals with cancers, AIDS, and other immune disorders.

Compassion First Caregiver Circle is looking to challenge Maricopa County’s interpretation of Concentrates due to how contradictory they are in their law descriptions, and how limiting they are of real patients, who cannot smoke marijuana at all, and need to ingest the extracted plant orally. They, like many Arizona patients, feel that Maricopa County does not have solid ground to back their claim and will not likely survive a legal challenge.

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Posted on June 14, 2012
by JRM, Marketing Director of Compassion First AZ


  1. bill says:

    The AMMA has and AzDHS also has a section of rules dealing with infusion facilities for food, which obviously involves concentrates.

  2. Shawn ONeal says:

    Concentrates that are vaporized are healthier because all harmful things have been removed I

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