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Suit and Countersuit Delay Implementation

Last November, voters in Arizona approved a new medical cannabis law, making it the 15th state to remove criminal penalties for patients. But state officials in May asked a federal court to clarify whether its medical cannabis law conflicts with federal prohibition and have delayed implementation of the law while […]

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Researchers have recently revealed more about how cannabinoids control nausea. The anti-emetic properties of cannabis is one of its more well-established therapeutic uses, and is also one of the primary indications for prescribing marinol, the synthetic THC pill.

A team of Canadian scientists using an animal study have now located an area of […]

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Arizona Medical Marijuana Rules

Since the release of rules on March 28, ADHS has clarified a few points.
ADHS wanted to ensure the explanation is clear for those who may have printed or read the rules previously and have posted the following clarifications:

R9-17-302(A)(5) and R9-17-304(D)(1)(f)(ii)
The 03/28/11 rules allowed applicants for a […]

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