By: Jonathan Athens, KARK 4 News
Updated: August 29, 2012


Haley Gloria is an 8-year-old Hot Springs girl who fights brain cancer every day.Her mom, dad, and stuffed animals Sparkles and Sally are beside her every step of the way.The tumor doctors removed from the base of her brain was the size of a tennis ball, and after 16 hours of surgery, is now the size of a golf ball.But now she has another fight on her hands: eating. The weekly chemotherapy treatments have zapped her appetite. She’s about 4 feet tall but only weighs 41pounds.Haley takes synthetic THC, the component in marijuana that relieves pain and gives users an appetite. It’s manufactured in a lab legally, but her mom and dad say it’s not doing enough.”We have a very unique perspective in that for appetite and pain management for a cancer patient, it may not get better than this,” says John Gloria, Haley’s dad.Jason and Lisa Gloria are concerned if Arkansas voters shoot down a medical marijuana proposal, they might never be able to get the natural form of THC, which is more potent, and something they feel Haley needs.”We feel like this is a decision that we have the right, as parents, to sit in our doctor’s office and have a conversation to make those kind of choices, not sit in a politician’s office to make these kinds of choices,” Haley’s mom says.Jerry Cox of the Family Council is against medical marijuana, but not in this case.”We have no problem with that,” Cox says. “What we have a problem with is this wide open measure that would allow anybody that lives five miles from a dispensary to grow their own.”So while the fight over medical marijuana may be decided at the ballot box, Haley Gloria is waging her own battle.Her biggest allies are mom and dad, but Sparkles and Sally are by her side too.Haley has four chemo treatments left to go. After reviewing petitions, the Secretary of State’s office certified the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act has enough signatures to be on the Nov. 6 General Election ballot.


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